Small business payroll, auto-enrolment and bookkeeping solutions

Small Business Payroll, Auto-Enrolment and Bookkeeping Services in Lincolnshire

At iQ Business Solutions our speciality is taking the headaches out of Payroll and Bookkeeping, as well as keeping your business up-to-date with ever-changing bureaucracy and red tape such as ‘Auto-Enrolment’, the Government legislation that ensures every employer must provide a Workplace Pension to all of their Employees.

We’re all about saving small to medium sized businesses time and money by freeing them up from the essential ‘back office work’ that takes them away from doing what they do best… because even on the best of days, running your own business can be stressful and expensive!

So if you’re a new or existing Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SME’s), New Busines Start-Up or Self Employed Freelancer, then we can help. Take the stress out of running your business, call iQ Business Solutions today on 01652 785 147 for a no-obligation quote or chat to see how we can help you!

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It’s what we do….



Small Businesses

You may be new to running your own business or are so busy, that doing your paperwork is a constant struggle. Not to mention keeping up to date with ever-changing legislation and keeping HMRC happy. But don’t worry, with help from iQ Business Solutions, small business owners can get on with building their businesses without getting bogged down with paperwork and save on costly Accountant bills!

Medium Businesses

Why have Accounts and Payroll people who need training to be kept up-to-date with costly legislation need to be covered whilst they take annual leave? Using iQ Business Solutions means your Payroll and Accounts are taken care of 24/7; 365 days of the year, leaving you and your key staff to get on with your core business!

Better Business

We offer an outsourced Payroll & Bookkeeping service to help relieve new, existing or self-employed businesses of these demands by providing professional and efficient services at competitive rates; whilst helping you to avoid paying the high costs involved when engaging accountancy firms and consultants.

We can help you to design coherent bookkeeping and payroll systems and procedures. We not only aim to bring your current accounts into order, we modify your bookkeeping and payroll practices to make sure that your accounts will be easier to handle in the future. We focus on putting key systems in place to aid record-keeping, filing and a better understanding of your business.

We can come to you…

Some business owners will feel more comfortable having regular bookkeeping visits, keeping them in touch with how their business is developing and ensuring that any decisions are made with current data and up-to-date management accounts to back them up. We can arrange regular visits to your place of business, allowing for on-site problem solving, helping you to understand key data to put a coherent strategy in place.

Or back to ours…

Working from our offices, we can personally collect, complete and return your Accounts or run your Payroll remotely. For some business owners, the ideal bookkeeping solution is to have their accounts collected periodically and returned completed; ready for submitting to their accountant and HMRC. We personally collect your accounts to ensure that they do not get lost or damaged in the post, we complete them within an agreed time and return your accounts in person for a chat about any issues that need addressing.

So, if you are a Lincolnshire based Small or Medium Sized Businesses (SME) owner who is struggling to keep your accounts in order who doesn’t want the added expense of hiring a full-time bookkeeper or you’re spending too much time on your accounts and finding it hard to focus on generating business… Then we can help!

Or if you’re a New Business Start-Up who recognises how important it is to have strong financial control from the beginning but doesn’t want to spend money on costly Accountants (remember, you DO NOT NEED AN EXPENSIVE ACCOUNTANT!) and in need of some helpful advice and support from a Professional Bookkeeper and Payroll provider while you come to terms with managing your own accounts… Then we can help!

Self Employed or Freelancer?

Are you Self Employed or a Freelancer doing your books yourself and now you’re sitting in the middle of a pile of unsorted receipts and you need help?

We understand why you might be doing your own books. Often, Self Employed business people or Freelancers have a perception that accountancy is expensive or that it is ‘not a necessary expense’ (remember, you DO NOT NEED AN EXPENSIVE ACCOUNTANT!).

We can help you to design coherent bookkeeping systems and procedures. So many cases of chaotic accounts that we see are due to a lack of orderly bookkeeping processes being in place. We not only aim to bring your current accounts into order, we modify your bookkeeping practices to make sure that your accounts will be easier to handle in the future. We focus on putting key systems in place to aid record-keeping, filing and better communication; essential for a stress-free system.

How much time do you spend on your books?

It will be more than you think! Wouldn’t those hours be more productively spent working on your core business or getting new clients? If you do your books in the evening or weekends, you’re also giving up precious time that should be used for the pleasures in life.

We think you’ll be really surprised at just how little it costs to place your paperwork hassles with us. As well as freeing up your time you’ll benefit from accurate, up-to-date books that meet your business needs and legal obligations. You’ll avoid the risk of costly mistakes too. We know you won’t regret it.

Why Choose Us?

Our clients stay and grow with us year on year. At iQ Business Solutions, we can set up your bookkeeping and payroll in no time and ensure you get a high-quality personalised service. This gives you the peace of mind you need from using specialist and save you money on costly Accountants, creating more time to focus on what you do best!

Please call us for a free, no obligation quote or chat on 01652 785 147 to see how we can help your business with our outsourced Small Business Payroll, Auto-Enrolment and Bookkeeping Services