Employers of carers or nannies may have to pay pensions

Up to 100,000 people who employ personal carers are being warned that they may now be legally liable to pay them pension contributions. From 1 June, small businesses employing up to 30 staff will gradually be obliged to offer their staff pensions, under the auto-enrolment programme.

That includes people who only employ one person, such as a carer or a nanny. The Pensions Regulator, which oversees the programme, says those who do not comply could receive a fine of £400.

However, it says it is working with 200 support organisations to make sure people get proper advice. Under auto enrolment, all employees over the age of 22 who earn more than £10,000 a year will now have the right to a workplace pension – unless they decide to opt out.

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Number of lost pensions triples over decade; set to ‘worsen’ in future

The number of savers who have been trying to hunt down their lost pensions has more than tripled over the last ten years, new research has revealed. According to LV=, the figures came from a freedom of information request and show that the number of enquiries received by the Pension Tracing Service has increased by almost 250 per cent since 2005.

LV= also warned the number of lost pensions could “worsen” as today’s workforce becomes “increasingly transient”.

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Majority of Tata Steel employees vote to strike over pensions

Employees at Tata Steel have voted overwhelmingly in favour of going on strike, as a result of proposals to close the British Steel Pension Scheme. Over 6,000 members of Community, the biggest union in Tata Steel, turned out to vote in today’s ballot, with 88 per cent voting in favour of strike action.

Community general secretary and chair of the National Steel Trade Union Co-ordinating Committee Roy Richhuss said we are on the brink of the first national strike in the steel industry for over 30 years.

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