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You can’t put off auto-enrolment forever…

…and if you’re not fully compliant with the new legislation, your business could face daily Employer fines – so what can you do? Read more →

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Small Business Payroll, Auto-Enrolment and Bookkeeping Services

At iQBusinessSolutions, our speciality is taking away the headaches out of Payroll, Bookkeeping & Management Accounts; as well as keeping your business up to date with new legislation such as Workplace Pensions and Auto-Enrolment; saving you time and money on costly accountants and consultants

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We can keep your business covered from new legislations, provide all your payroll services, give Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC and administer your Workplace Pensions; all under our umbrella

At iQBusinessSolutions , we’re all about saving small to medium sized businesses time and money by freeing you up from the essential ‘back office work’ that takes you away from doing what you do best… because even on the best of days, running your own business can be stressful and expensive

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Even those employing just one person may need to provide a pension scheme

Pension auto-enrolment has arrived, under which almost all employers in the UK will need to provide an occupational pension scheme for their employees, and contribute to it.

Article originally taken from ‘Business Matters – The UK’s leading SME Business Magazine and was posted on  18/08/2015 and reposted by iQ Business Solutions – Small Business Payroll, Auto-Enrolment & Bookkeeping Solutions – ‘Working Smarter for You!’

The new Auto-Enrolment laws will apply to many people who may not think of themselves as employers, for example individuals that employ domestic assistants such as nannies, or carers for elderly or disabled relatives. Sole traders and partnerships that employ anyone, even just one individual, such as a personal assistant, also need to take careful note of their obligations.

Even those employing just one person may need to provide a pension scheme

Even those employing just one person may need to provide a pension scheme

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How to Prepare your Business for Auto-Enrolment

By Ian Quill, posted in Auto-enrolment, 06 Jul 2015




Here is an article which caught my eye in The Guardian Newspaper which points out the necessary steps you’ll need to take to get your Business ready for the new Auto-Enrolment Legislation…. alternatively, you could just call iQ Business Solutions on 0800 1488 278 and let them do all the hard work for you…

How to prepare your small business for pension auto-enrolment – Soon many UK businesses will have to offer workplace pensions. Cathy Adams of the Guardian has the facts and key dates for SMEs…

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Employers of carers or nannies may have to pay pensions

By Ian Quill, posted in Auto-enrolment, Pensions, 01 Jun 2015

Up to 100,000 people who employ personal carers are being warned that they may now be legally liable to pay them pension contributions. From 1 June, small businesses employing up to 30 staff will gradually be obliged to offer their staff pensions, under the auto-enrolment programme.

That includes people who only employ one person, such as a carer or a nanny. The Pensions Regulator, which oversees the programme, says those who do not comply could receive a fine of £400.

However, it says it is working with 200 support organisations to make sure people get proper advice. Under auto enrolment, all employees over the age of 22 who earn more than £10,000 a year will now have the right to a workplace pension – unless they decide to opt out.

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